CN sensitive search queries


A list of search queries that may be censored in China.

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English Chinese
08 Charter 零8宪章
08 county 08县长
08 county head sounds like Charter 08 08县长
13 homicide case 13命案
158 names of people petition from all walks of life related to Uyghurs 158名各界人士关于维吾尔
16,489 pro 六四八九民运
16th Party Congress 16大
17th CCP 十七届中央
17th CCP 十七届中央
17th Party Congress 十七大
17th Party Congress 十七大
18 adult game ban 18禁成人游戏
18 ban 18禁
18 ban erotic movie 18禁情色电影
18 ban porn movies 18禁色情电影
18 big and thin 18大薄
18big Bo 18大薄
18 extension 18延期
18 postpone 18延期
18th anniversary of June 4th 六四18週年
18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China 18大
18th National Congress Standing Committee 十八常委内幕
18th Party Congress 十八大
18th Party Congress 十八大
18-year-old ban on entry 18岁禁入