Terms of Service

datatable.directory is provided free of charge to the public with the expectation of being a useful (not only) development tool for sharing tables of structured data. The website hosts user-provided content and disclaims any responsibility for the correctness of this data.

Usage of the Website

datatable.directory is meant as an alternative to sites like GitHub Gist or Pastebin, and serves a similar purpose, that is, the sharing of data with others. It is not a CDN, and it is not meant to be used by bots or scripts. Updating a table with a script is allowed, but keep in mind that we maintain all historical revisions, so updating a table too often may put a strain on the server. Think of it like a GitHub optimized for tables, except on a much smaller server.

Please do not try to upload very large datasets (i.e. over 10.000 entries), such as star catalogs, or the unicode character map, which are already available elsewhere. These are generally better served by dedicated websites.

Further, we ask you to refrain from using the export API excessively, or scraping our table pages, when the results are invariant and can be cached. Excessive requests may result in blacklisting to protect the server.

Prohibited Content

The following categories of data are prohibited in the directory:

  • Data taken from external sources without attribution
  • Proprietary data that cannot be redistributed due to license terms
  • Personal information shared without consent ("doxxing")
  • Racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive content
  • Anything illegal or questionable (such as links to pirated music, software, cracks, pornography, drug-related content, etc.)


Site operators reserve the right to hide or delete any objectionable content, though a warning and an explanation of the removal should generally be provided. Engagement in harassment, racism, sexism, or other antisocial behavior on the website may result in account termination, and any such content will be deleted. Users are encouraged to report problematic submissions using the report button.